There is no doubt that the coronavirus crisis has changed everything, including our way of conceiving, buying and even being able to try everything related to beauty. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most cutting-edge firms such as L’Oréal Paris have not wasted time when it comes to technological innovation. So, inspired by Modiface technology, they follow us providing all tools necessary to continue enjoying our beauty routines in the simplest and safest way possible.

So today we have to talk about Skin Genius the new bet of the French firm with which, thanks to a dermatologist-backed technology, they get accurately assess the aging process of the skin to through the camera of the mobile or computer, with the aim of offer personalized care routines for the skin.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence at its disposal based on more than 30 years collecting data on women’s skin, they are able to offer us effective solutions to treat our own skin.

The truth is that its use could not be simpler, The user experience is very simple: we just have to upload a selfie without makeup, good light, removing the hair from our face well and with a neutral gesture to the L’Oréal Paris website, include age and how our skin feels and, automatically, analyzes the five key areas of the face giving us data on all this from the luminosity, to the quality of the pore, firmness, expression lines and wrinkles, and even the tone.

Then calculates our virtual age, and informs about what are the points on which we have to focus to improve our skin and, in addition, advises us on a custom routine with treatment products that could help us. In my case, for example, they recommend as ingredients the hyaluronic acid and pro-retinol.

A really useful tool that can easily help us to achieve a routine focused on those needs of our skin. Thus, according to Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, President of Global Brand at L’Oréal Paris: “We are proud to launch this new service that respects our mission to support all women in the process of feeling fulfilled. With Skin Genius, our 50 years of experience in the skin have been extrapolated to provide technological beauty services. Thanks to our audience and community, we are democratizing this new form of consumption. The main ambition of L’Oréal Paris is to share more than a million diagnoses in the first year ”.

In any case, it must be taken into account that Skin Genius has based its development on clinical maps with 10,000 images of women, validated jointly with European dermatologists, which also means that, according to what L’Oréal informs us, it has a high level of reliability, 95% coinciding with the diagnoses of dermatologists.

This is a case of great evils, great remedies, with which L’Oréal gives us solutions and makes our beauty life easier as far as possible.

Photos | L’Oreal Paris