The closets of these famous, are practically the size of a house of social interest, if not some even larger!

Dedicated to artistic life, obviously their image is part of the usual work. For this reason, celebrities like to have a space in which they can keep in order, well, almost all, all the accessories, clothing, shoes and bags that they have acquired over time, not only for work, but for pleasure. and mere vanity, like all women.

But what anyone is not the same, is the size of their wardrobes, which can be as big as the apartment or the house of an average family in any city, and some have such an order, that indeed, it seems that you were inside a exclusive store. Check them out!


It’s two stories!

The beautiful Lety Calderón allowed the cameras to enter her bedroom and there, to the wonderful closet that she has, which shows the obsession with the order of the actress, who has her clothes separated even by colors. But the most incredible thing is that it is on two floors! Inside there is a cute spiral staircase to go from casual clothes to party clothes and elegant shoes.

Despite the enormous size of her dressing room, Lety also knows how to let go, and help others, by doing closet cleaning and donating what she no longer uses or doesn’t have, to someone who needs it.


It looks like an exclusive boutique!

The wardrobe of Galilea Montijo it’s just awesome! Entering it is practically like entering a luxury boutique, where you will find sections from fine jewelry to luxury jewelry, hundreds of pairs of shoes in perfect order, bags for all occasions, accessories, clothing by type, by season , by style, between drawers that look like corridors. And apart from that, you have another one for the right evening dresses, shoes and dressings! That’s where they also comb her hair and make up for special events.


It is a luxury store!

The singer has a closet in which an average family could easily live without space problems. It is so spacious that its clothes and accessories are arranged as if it were some luxury store in any city, including the finishes of the furniture. She even has showcases for her to place items that are special to her, like the ones she uses in her video recordings. As she herself mentions, it is like a museum. And to the happiness of its hundreds of fans, it also has space for the stuffed animals they have given you!


A complete room in your house!

Mama Niú ’, as her followers call her, consented to her‘ baby niús ’, as she tells them, showing her closet, which is a complete room in her house. The vedette explained that, not fitting all her clothes and accessories in the same bedroom, she decided to give them her own. Thus, it has enough space from wall to wall, with some shelves in the center, to concentrate from show dresses, to those used for red carpets and presentations, coats arranged by colors, from the smallest to the longest, accessories, And dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes, all sorted by color! Some, she showed, have them even unworn, because she claims that she uses them until she finds the perfect matching dress or bag. She also showed precisely the enormous collection of bags that she has.


A battlefield!

Gomita likes to make videos on her YouTube channel, to show off the huge collections of very expensive items that her parents buy or give her, mostly. From sunglasses, perfumes, more than 200 shoes, a hundred bags of luxury brands and high prices (as she specifies), but generally, everything is shown separately. However, on a “tour” of his room, he opened the door that leads to the dressing room which is indeed spacious, has many spaces, drawers and drawers, but everything is in disarray! If we compare them with others that look like luxury stores or exclusive boutiques, we could say that Aracely’s, like the dump that remains after a day of sales !, the luxurious bags in a corner on the floor, the very expensive messy shoes and on top, the pants racks come off and falling off. Of course, the blouses seem to have survived the catastrophe. And well, the sexy clown confessed that she does not like to pick up the dump.