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First time

Chivas goes to the Nou Camp as a victim as it has been in recent tournaments; more, however, the players should assimilate, the history of Guadalajara in the Mexican courts as a motivational talk. The Club León players have had a great tournament, they finished as leaders in the regular tournament and show signs of wanting to transcend, unlike those of the Sacred Rebaño.

The expense made in Chivas has not been less, much is expected from players who are still lethargic, with intermittent moments of talent shown on the court.

According to the transfermarkt portal, the market price of the Guadalajara team is 51.33 million euros, there is even talk that some of its players have talent to reach football in Europe, but on the field it has not yet been shown of thorough way.

The Club León players, as a whole, have a market price of 35.25 million euros, well below their most opponent, however, on the field the emeralds are favorites.

An example of the difference between value and price.

Second time

In the other semifinal the difference is abysmal, twice, while the set of Pumas de la UNAM has a market price of 26.78 million euros, that of Cruz Azul is 53.3 million euros. On the court there is no favorite and the tickets do not step on the grass. We will see what happens in Ciudad Universitaria on Sunday to define.

Extra time

Cristiano Ronaldo reaches 750 goals in his career and is close to the all-time scorer record of Josef Bican, who scored more than 800 goals in his career from 1928 to 1955, according to UEFA. He is just 17 goals behind Pelé and 22 behind Romario on the Football Statistics Foundation list.

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