Women born to these zodiac signs are not usually as loyal as friends

All the women of the Zodiac they have virtues and defects that depend on the character of each one of them. There are those who consider friendship as sacred, in fact, Friends are important in our lives because they are the ones who tend to support us through thick and thin.

However, there are those who take the sentimental ties between friends lightly and are not usually so loyal. its behavior tends to hurt us and they may not do it consciously, but her personality is so dominant that it is difficult for her to be a true friend. Know which Zodiac women tend to be your fake friends.

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She is very calculating in her friendship relationships; if there is no benefit to her, she will not be interested in being your friend. While they are noble in nature, they are also two-sided and you can change your mind from one moment to the next.


Their natural desire to always want to be the protagonists leads them to steal everyone’s glances. They are women who are ahead of you and are capable of winning the man to whom you first set your eyes, an attitude that could be interpreted as a betrayal.


Being an independent and adventurous sign it is not surprising that they find it difficult to form solid relationships of friendship. To maintain their freedom, they are able to step over anyone, including their friends.

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