Karla Panini presented the new Laura Bozzo program and spoke of her friendship with the late Karla Luna

Laura Bozzo He returned to the small screen and in the first broadcast of his program he had as guests Karla Panini and her husband, Americo Garza.

« In this story there are neither saints nor devils, there are mistakes, » said Panini.

« What hurt me the most was losing my friend, because she was my friend, my sister, and it also hurt me to lose the credibility of the people, because when they applauded me before today they hate me, » he stressed about his relationship with Karla Luna.

On the relationship he had with the deceased comedian in the last days of his life, he reiterated what he has said on several occasions, that he spoke to her about his relationship with Américo Garza and that he was fine about it.

Karla Panini assures that Karla Luna’s parents were imprisoned. Photo: Archives

“(I miss) laughing together, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever had, to date I don’t have a friend who I laugh with a lot. If she were here, none of this would be happening because she had already overcome this, had already had other partners, had been left alone, « he added.

In the same interview, Karla Panini explained that « we did not start having this dating relationship when she had cancer », about her relationship with Garza.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas