Héctor Bonilla made public what his last will is before dying

The first actor Héctor Bonilla published a letter on his Twitter account expressing his last wishes to his three children. The will surprised and at the same time alerted by what the 81-year-old artist expressed.

The communiqué spreads it in the midst of the delicate state of health that he is going through in fighting kidney cancer, which was diagnosed a year ago.

According to the actor, the letter was written twenty years ago during an important moment in the lives of his children; his daughter was in love « with a gringo », his son Fernando was going to Spain to study cinema and his son Sergio « was flirtatious everywhere, » he said in an interview for the Ventaneando program.

“I realized that I had to say goodbye to the first stage of the relationship with the three of them and that’s why I wrote the letter. Sofia was sad because she thought I was going to die and that I was delivering the letter; my two big sons were baffled, ”he revealed to the show program.

Finally, Héctor Bonilla revealed that in the will it is specified that the inheritance will be divided equally for his three children.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas