The actress said that she began to feel discomfort that she tried to fix by self-medicating and taking supplements that they recommended on social networks.

Grettell Valdez revealed that after a year ago start to present some health problems, before go to a doctor I try to fix it self-medicating and consuming supplements and pills that some recommended influencers, which, he admits, was a real disaster.

“I have been a year sick for several things. I started first with terrible headaches, then colitis, normal, that is, colitis for which I took a pill and it was removed; Later I could not sleep, I had a hard time sleeping, when I like to sleep and I sleep very well. At that time, I did not realize that something was really happening in my body, I saw it as normal, saying: « Maybe I was wrong, » the actress said on her YouTube channel.

« Well, no. Turns out something was really going on in my body and instead of realizing those alarms, I sprayed it. I ruled it a lot because since before the coronavirus, I foolishly made a big mistake, far from starting to see the signals that were happening in my body, I started to copy, ”admitted Grettell.

“Suddenly, I saw on Instagram ‘Sutanita’ who said ‘I take such a pill on an empty stomach and I take apple cider vinegar, I also take the pill of such a thing’ and the girl with a great body 90-60-90 and I It said ‘I already order them!’ And that’s how I lived it, ”said the television host, who said that there came a time when instead of improving, she noticed that her health was getting worse.

“Far from doing me a good, it did me a terrible evil because it was no longer colitis, it was already a fleeting proctalgia that is worse than colitis, they are cramps that I do not wish on anyone. It was a very complicated process because a thousand things started happening to me: I had to take hormones at some point for a treatment I was doing. So I wanted to cleanse my body and I would get more things, more teas to clean myself and the only thing I was doing was hurt myself ”.

“I went with three fats, all three gave me treatments for almost a month and a half, I spent a fortune; They did several studies for me, they sent some to Houston. Fleeting proctalgia was removed, but now I had terrible reflux and acidity, of course, due to the strong medications I was taking, so I covered one, but uncovered other things and I felt worse every time, ”said Valdez, advising his Once, instead of resorting to remedies they see on social networks, better visit your doctor when they feel that something is wrong with your body.