20 Government will give bonus for economic reactivation for the public sector

The Budget Law for 2021, approved on Sunday and sent to the Executive Branch on Monday, incorporates the payment of a bond for workers in the public sector.

According to the complementary provision 92 of the regulation, this bonus, called ‘voucher for economic reactivation’, will be delivered only once in December of this year. In addition, it is not remunerative, compensatory or pensionable. It is not subject to social charges nor is it part of the basis of the calculation to determine benefits, compensation or others.

In detail, the first group of beneficiaries are the personnel of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), public agencies and executing units:

For him medical staff included in the scope of Legislative Decree 1153 and 1057 (CAS regime) will receive a bonus of 3,000 soles. For the non-medical professionalsWithin the aforementioned decrees, the bonus will be 2,500 soles. For technical assistance personnel, assistance assistance and administrative personnel, which are in both decrees and in DL 276, the bonus will be 1,500 soles.

In the case of health professionals who do Rural and Urban Marginal Health Service (Serums) and those who develop a second specialty in the residency modality, the bonus will vary between 2,500 soles and 3,000 soles, as appropriate.

Only personnel hired temporarily during the health emergency under the CAS regime are excluded from this scope.

The second group benefited are officials of central government entities, regional and local governments, and the personnel included in the rules that regulate special careers:

If he employee If you have a salary of more than 1,500 soles, you will receive a bonus of 300 soles. If you earn less than or equal to 1,500 per month, the bonus for economic reactivation will be 500 soles.

It also specifies that CAS workers hired during the health emergency fall within this second group.

According to the provision, if the worker is in two or more cases, he will only receive the bonus with the highest amount.


Workers of public, decentralized organizations of regional and local governments, public companies of the three levels of government, those that are under the scope of Fonafe, EsSalud, the Central Reserve Bank of Peru and the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and ..

Public officials in office by popular election, appointment or regulated removal, and those of free appointment and removal are also excluded.