Christian Estrada, ex of Frida Sofía, underwent a lie detector to check whether or not he had an affair with Alejandra Guzmán

In Laura Bozzo’s second program, “Laura sin censura” the guest was the participant of Guerreros 2020 and ex-boyfriend of Frida Sofía, Christian Estrada, whom he subjected to a lie detector.

The 28-year-old model and actor had to answer all the questions that the driver asked him in order to know if « he was a wretch » or not.

Before submitting to the test, Christian confessed that what he felt at the time for Frida Sofía’s mother, Alejandra Guzmán, was admiration and respect, and not love as the singer’s own daughter has said.

« It was a more son-in-law-to-mother-in-law relationship, because I was her daughter’s boyfriend and obviously wanted to beat my mother-in-law, » he said on the show aired Monday through Friday by Unicable.

Lie detector

Were you in love whether or not with Frida Sofia?


Do you currently care for Frida Sofia?

No (The detector threw that he had lied)

Do you love Frida?


Did you have or a love relationship with Alejandra Guzmán?


Did you have sexual intercourse yes or no with Alejandra?


The test showed that Christian only lied in the question about whether he still cared for Frida Sofía. Despite this, Laura Bozzo continued to inquire and questioned him again. Not even a kiss were given? To which he said « only on the cheek. »

Christian commented that he had a six-month love relationship with the only daughter of Alejandra Guzmán and recalled the moment when Frida confessed that she was pregnant, but had indeed aborted.

“The moment she told me she was pregnant, I finished the trip I had with my friends and went to see her. We were separated, we had a week without speaking but we were not finished. If it was true that she was pregnant, but she had already aborted, ”she said.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas