Eric Bischoff returned to WWE from June to October of last year. His brief stint as CEO of Smackdown was recently addressed on the Bischoff 83 Weeks podcast. He talked about what led him to return to the company.

“He hit me out of left field. If others felt it was a surprise to them, I should have been sitting on my deck when I got that phone call in early June or May or whenever, ”said Bischoff.

“Bruce (Prichard) and I started talking, and I think it happened at a Starrcast event, at an event that Bruce and I were at.”

Bischoff went on to say that Prichard asked him what he would think of his name being thrown at Vince for a potential role. Bischoff suggested that he was happy with this as he would enjoy working with Bruce again.

“We worked very closely together at TNA and learned how to work together.”

Bischoff also spoke about negotiating with Vince McMahon a deal to return to the company. He said that in the first meeting the two had, they didn’t go into too much detail.

Eric Bischoff on meeting with Vince

Bischoff says his meetings with Vince went smoothly.

“More social than business is how I would characterize it,” Bischoff said of her first meeting with Vince last year about the comeback.

“Vince and I hadn’t seen each other in 12 years or whatever, I think the last time I saw Vince was in 2007 or so,” he continued. “Big bear hug, how are you, friend? Everything was very social and positive «.

Bischoff went on to say that he knew when he was invited to a second meeting that the conversations about his return had become more serious.

“That meeting went just as well and we were ready.”

Bischoff’s comments can be heard on the player below: