In last night’s (July 22) episode of Dynamite, Darby Allin interrupted Taz and Brian Cage during a promotion in the ring. On Allin’s way to the ring, Ricky Starks attacked him from behind and sent him flying dangerously headfirst against the ropes.

On Wresting Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez claims that Allin suffered a concussion as a result of Starks’ assault:

“This poor guy. Darby makes his big comeback. He comes to the ring, and Ricky Starks runs up and hits him hard from behind. And Darby flies to the top rope. His head goes back to the top rope. He falls as if he were dead. I saw this over and over again. Darby reportedly suffered a concussion from this attack from behind. Absolutely brutal. I like Ricky Starks, but I have no idea what this guy was thinking. He just ran over this guy from behind.

After Starks smashed Allin in the back, Allin was hit with three high-impact moves in quick order, including two Cage power bombs. Jon Moxley came out to save and finally lifted Darby, but Allin fell back onto the ropes for support as she placed her hand on his forehead.

This angle was used to organize a Tornado game next week (July 29) Dynamite with Moxley and Allin facing Cage & Starks. If Álvarez is right that Allin has a concussion, that game may be in jeopardy.