20 Dalma Maradona’s harsh response to one of Diego’s sisters

If anything was known at the time, it was that the day that Diego Maradona left this world, family problems and fights would emerge, and after the sayings of Ana, one of the soccer star’s sisters, the one who « picked up the glove » was Dalma Maradona, who answered the woman on a television show.

“(Diego) was abandoned by the daughters. When did you come to see him? I can never, ever, prove that ”, said Ana, who later victimized herself:“ We are not against them, they are against us, I don’t know why, let them speak and say… They would be nothing if it wasn’t for his father; If they were the daughters of Juan Pérez, who was going to have them where they are?

Given the controversial statements by Diego’s sister, Angel de Brito he consulted Dalma. The actress clarified the situation and defended her mother and sister: “We did not send Gianinna or anyone to say anything. We are not talking to anyone, « he told the driver by message. « I saw what my aunt said in your program, but out of respect for my dad, now I’m not going to answer him, » he added.

“I called that same lady, Ana, and she didn’t answer me. His daughter-in-law answered me, she said ‘now she’s calling you’ and she never communicated with me again, « he added.

And to close, the driver read a last message from El Diez’s eldest daughter: “I’m destroyed and I don’t know how I’m going to get ahead. I’m going to go out for my daughter, but I don’t know how I’m going to do it and I don’t even feel like talking. I don’t watch TV, I talk to my sister and my mother, but I don’t feel like doing anything at all ”.