The actress said she was not afraid of any kind of work in order to get her daughter ahead and save the harsh economic situation that the pandemic has left.

Cynthia Klitbo it is certainly one of the most recognized actresses of the national artistic medium, however, this condition does not exempt her of, like many Mexicans, going through a economic streak Due to the world health crisis by COVID-19which has stopped work activities of many people, what difficult to generate new income during the mentioned pandemic.

For this reason, the memorable villain of stories like La dueña or el Privilegio de mandar, assures that she is not afraid of work, whatever it may be, to get ahead not only her, but her daughter, as indicated in an interview with the program Venga la joy. « You can’t go through life believing that because you are on television you are immaculate, » Cynthia told Flor Rubio.

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“I see myself working; I really want to go out of Mexico for a while, have that experience, and if not, I have been talking with my daughter, with my older brothers who are in Canada, if the situation in Mexico continues, well, I will be able to continue doing this from Canada; very likely to close the house, ”said the artist regarding her immediate future.

The El Dragón actress explained that she is afraid of the monetary crisis, since not only she and her daughter depend on her work, but more people around her: « I have many people who live on these shoulders, on this back, but God has never abandoned me. So it is having faith and not being afraid of work. ”

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Finally, Cynthia Klitbo affirmed that she is willing to do other jobs far from her profession, to counteract the negative effect on her finances: “If it is necessary to clean a house, I clean it. The joke is to work. If I have to finish baking, I finish baking, it doesn’t matter. I am not afraid of work and I will have to do what I have to do to get my daughter ahead ”, she concluded.