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Criticism not only falls on President Vizcarra for the audio carnival. Also against the head of Congress Manuel Merino de Lama and president of the Audit Commission, Edgar Alarcón Tejada.

The MP José Luis Ancalle Gutiérrez from the Frente Amplio, also a member of the Audit group, questions the way in which the audios were presented, the processing of the presidential vacancy. He questions Alarcón’s suitability to investigate acts of corruption.

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The legislator accused an irresponsible handling of the audios of President Martín Vizcarra, since these were made known by Alarcón, without having previously presented them to the Supervision Commission. It must be taken into account that the working group had already been investigating the visits of Richard “Swing” to the Government Palace.

Last Friday when Alarcón presented the audios, immediately the head of Parliament, Manuel Merino, authorized them to be heard and then called a Board of Spokespersons.

« He should have asked if the audios should be listened to or not, because if not, we would not be heading for due process, » he said.

One step aside

Ancalle pointed out that the facts derived from the audios must be investigated, but that the issue must be handled responsibly. However, he doubts that this is possible if Alarcón remains on the commission and Merino at the head of Congress. « They have to step aside, because if we channel the investigation through them, they will not be responsible, because the audios link them precisely as participants, » he said.

Richard Cisneros, the man who triggered the problem, has accused both characters of being in collusion to vacate Vizcarra.

The legislator recalled that on the day of the presentation of the audios, while the plenary session was being held, the commission also began to meet and the statements of Karem Roca were received, when no one knew that she had been summoned. He noted that Richard Swing’s statement was not allowed. « Perhaps it was not important to receive his statements and the audios that he said he had. »

He also questioned that Alarcón, who is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office, is dedicated to investigating acts of corruption.

Censorship rejected

The Broad Front presented a motion of censure against the president of Congress, which was rejected by the plenary session. Merino is questioned with the call to the military commands before the vacancy motion against Martín Vizcarra was presented; and the way in which the vacancy was processed.