Some are gone and others cannot congratulate them in person, but celebrities did not let Father’s Day go unnoticed

Just as he was Mother’s Day, this year 2020 the Father’s day is celebrated in an atypical way, the confinement as a result of the pandemic by COVID-19 has made it impossible for millions of families to celebrate their loved ones properly.

Thanks to technology, many have been able to congratulate their parents from a distance and although it is not the same, love and affection are not left out. Many others can only remember them through photographs, recordings or the imagination, because they are no longer in this world.

Many celebrities expressed themselves on social networks to remember and congratulate their parents and, as well as those of their friends and followers. Here are some of these demos:

Maribel Guardia

Laura Zapata

Adal Ramones

Alejandro Fernández

Alex Fernandez

Alessandra Rosaldo

José Eduardo Derbez

Héctor Suárez Gomís

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Dear all, yes all: My family, my friends, the press in its entirety, my followers and my non-followers in all social networks, my colleagues and the thousands and thousands who in different ways were and continue to be done present to give me words of affection, support and great admiration for my dad, all of you; THANKS A LOT! Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart; Thank you! Thank you for the time spent on your radio and television programs. Thank you for the spaces they gave you in the different newspapers in the country. Thanks for all the cartoons created as a tribute. Thank you for each message, for each word of affection, for the hugs received in person and at a distance. Never in 52 years had I felt so much pain, never had I broken as I broke, and never had I received so much support and so much love. I could have been grateful before, but I decided to do it today that Father’s Day is celebrated to remind everyone who still has it with you; to be told every day how they feel about him. Never shut it up! Those who are parents, kiss your children, hug them, love them absolutely, guide them wisely, always keep a great communication open, enjoy and celebrate every day. Don’t wait for a day on the calendar to remind you. And to you, dad, to you who are no longer here today, I want to thank you for the most important thing you could teach me: Absolutely love my children! Always be loving in the deal and in the word with them. Let them know and understand how extraordinary they are. Take care of your heart even if you have to set limits or teach them lessons and help them and always allow them to be themselves. Thanks for being my dad!

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Julián Figueroa

Mía Rubín

Zuria Vega

Aislinn Derbez

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