If you do not want to change the products of your beauty routine, the masks are perfect as an extra help to solve problems in an intensive way. They act as an accelerator or booster and there are them destined for a multitude of different purposes: brighten, mattify, hydrate, treat skin elasticity … Some of the most famous are Korean ones, since in Korea this type of product is very common and women even apply them once a day.

Those created by BANOBAGI Medical Group, a very famous aesthetic clinic in South Korea, are among the most recognized and recently they have arrived in our country. Available in the Korean cosmetics store Koss Cosmetics, the creations of this specialist center in plastic surgery and dermatology stand out for being of type ‘sabana’ or ‘sheet mask’ And be very affordable and effective.

And, as they explain in Koss Cosmetics, « they were personally created by the group of dermatologists at the clinic thinking of making the same real effect of an aesthetic injection. » Available in different types of fabrics and compositions, they are known on social networks for leaving the skin like a baby’s, the most famous being specifically called « Baby Face. »

The brand has two lines: Booster and Vita Cocktail. And they are one of the experts’ favorites.

Banobagi Booster Masks

They provide nine types of liposome vitamins and a specific extract for every need. They’re made 100% cotton, reducing the risk of irritation and thanks to its jelly texture, do not drain.

The BANOBAGI mask « Baby face injection Mask » (3.95 euros) contains niacinamide, soy extract and Bija oil which are perfect ingredients to give luminosity and treat the elasticity of the skin.

The Banobagi mask « Antioxidant injection Mask« (3.95 euros) contains gotu kola, collagen and bamboo extract which are perfect ingredients to give radiance, treat skin elasticity and help protect it against oxidative stress thanks to its high antioxidant content.

Mask « Waterglow Booster Mask » (3.95 euros) contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid with luminous and hydrating properties. It helps to deeply hydrate the skin while giving it radiance.

Banobagi Vita Cocktail Masks

Is it so made with aluminum fabric, an excellent heat conducting material that allows the skin to absorb the ingredients much better, enhancing the function of each one.

The Banobagi mask «Vita Cocktail Foil Mask – Aqua» (3.95 euros) contains niacinamide, hydrolyzed collagen and witch hazel and provides hydration and juiciness.

The Banobagi mask «Vita Cocktail Foil Mask – Age» (3.95 euros) contains a combination of powerful active ingredients such as folic acid, abscorbic acid and allantoin. It provides a lot of luminosity while helping to maintain the firmness of the skin.

The Banobagi mask «Vita Cocktail Foil Mask – Brightening» (3.95 euros) contains niacinamide, folic acid, abscorbic acid and lemon extract and awakens dull skin by giving it luminosity. In addition, it helps to rebuild damaged tissues and stimulates keratin, collagen and elastin in the skin.

Photos | Koss Cosmetics