Of course, his political and literary aspirations keep Carlos Bonavides more than awake


At 80 years old, Carlos Bonavides he found in confinement the best opportunity to achieve various purposes; first, draw up his plan to run next year as a deputy, finish writing his new novel (he had already written the play Tarzan, which he staged at the Polyforum produced by his wife) and, as unusual as it may seem, to rejuvenate. We talked by telephone with the interpreter of Huicho Domínguez, a character from the soap opera The Grand Prize that catapulted him to fame and that even now, just 25 years away, brings him great satisfactions on an artistic and personal level.


How do you get around confinement?

With a pact of cordiality and tolerance. I am practicing sleep therapy to rejuvenate; I fall asleep at 1 in the morning and I get up at 3 in the afternoon. When one sleeps so many hours, our conscience is calm, the soul in peace and one wakes up with the intention of exercising. After that, I savor my wife’s seasoning, which has surprised me with different dishes. We are at peace as a family that we are, which is the main thing; We talk, and afterwards each one to their activities.

What is the novel you write about?

It has had several names; Right now it’s called The Project, and I want everyone to know it, since it has logic and virtue. He talks about discrimination and the magical relationship that exists between people from Germany and Chiapas; Pretend that people who feel superior to others do not go, that we are all the same, but in a kind, parrot, very bearable and professional way. I have a lot of faith in it. Now that the pandemic is over, I will play doors with editors to help me soften people’s hearts, buy my book and get resources.

They recently broadcast the soap opera El Premio Mayor, a hit 25 years ago, what memories did you see watching it?

Wonderful times, moments of my life that I no longer remembered, and how at that time the situation was so in my favor. Remember that we had a lot of ratings and I managed to perform as an actor. That was important in my life, and I also managed to overcome problems such as alcoholism, lies … Now that I have an actor son (Tadeo Bonavides), I have to give him good examples, and I have made up my life.

What did your son think of his work on that soap opera?

One day I started to see her and he was coming down the hall from the house singing the song. My wife said to me: « Recording the soap opera, when did you imagine that you were going to have a son who would sing the song? » It was a shock for me, I dropped twenty and it was a realization for my life. I understood that I already fulfilled a very fundamental aspect with this anecdote about my son.

Carlos Bonavides | Photo: archive


Do you have acting projects?

They just called me from Israel Jaitovich’s program and asked me my age; As I am already a third, they must think: « You are already at risk ». It seems unfair to me that because of age they no longer give work; with that thought we are fried. In any condition or circumstance you have to respect age, and if you are sick, take care of yourself and protect yourself; and if you are physically well, no matter how old you are, give yourself the opportunity to work. In my case, I feel young, even though I’m already 80 years old. So it makes me unfair for them to say: « Don’t call him because he’s older. » Rosy Ocampo gave me the opportunity to work on Overcoming Fear, and that encouraged me and my family. Work is a blessing. This gesture is perhaps the most important thing that has happened to me during this quarantine.

What message do you send to Mexicans regarding the pandemic?

This is not like World War II or tremors; It is a worldwide problem that will transcend time and will be indelible for millions of human beings. Hopefully this experience will make us more spiritual and understanding with our loved ones, hopefully it will be transformative for society and will change our attitudes towards our fellow men. I appeal that we become spiritually aware of our existence, and that now that we return to work, we take it as the deepest and most vital action of our existence and that we must do with love.

Carlos Bonavides | Photo: archive