Ariadne Díaz refused to participate in the new novel You remember me on Televisa

We will have to wait longer to see Ariadne Díaz again in a soap opera. The actress follows the pause she decided to take after starring in You Had to Be You together with Andrés Palacio in 2018.

And it is that she herself confessed that she was called to do the casting for the protagonist of the soap opera Te acuerdas de mi, by the producer Carmen Armendariz, who made the latest version of La Usurpadora, but said no.

Ariadne, if she had been selected, would have made a couple with Gabriel Soto, who starred in Soltero with daughters this same year.

« Right now I do not want to make novels, I am very happy that I was invited but I do not want to make novels yet. They have called me for many castings, ”said the couple of actor Marcus Ornellas.

Actresses Iliana Fox, Eva Cedeño, Paulina Dávila, Marisol del Olmo and Bárbara Islas are rumored to be the other artists who were called to audition for the leading role.

Ariadne Díaz has focused on being a full-time mom of little Diego and doing other jobs outside of acting, like dedicating herself to social media.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas