Andrea donates footwear and face shields in an important donation for the health sector in León

Andrea, a leading company in catalog sales, joins the fight against coronavirus through a donation in kind (footwear and face shields) to support and demonstrate solidarity to the medical sector and nursing staff of the General Hospital and the COVID Hospital of Leon GTO.

Through the slogan « Together against everything », the fashion and footwear brand summarizes the essence of the social work actions they are carrying out and seeks to join the commitment that health personnel have to face COVID-19, in addition to appreciate the great work they have done in recent months.

« As a company we firmly believe that we can achieve more, supporting each other and driving each other as a society in difficult times. »

Andrea aims to recognize the great work being done in hospitals, with the concern and responsibility that corresponds to being a leading brand.

Andrea gave protective masks and footwear to medical personnel from León. Photo: Courtesy Andrea

ANDREA TOGETHER AGAINST EVERYTHING: Present at this donation ceremony were:

As Andrea’s representatives to make the formal delivery:

Andres Padilla –Director of Marketing

Alejandro Arenas –Marketing Manager

As representatives of the State Health Secretariat to receive the product:

Dra Angelica Maldonado – Director of the HGLDr

Gabriel Landeros -HGLLic Medical Subdirectorate.

Victoria Medina-Head of Nursing HGLCP

Princes Radillo-Admva HGLLic Subdirectorate.

Cecilia Hernandez Cuellar-Administrator Hospital Covid

Courtesy of TVyNovelas