20 AMLO’s results in protecting women are a shame: PAN

The president of the Senate Human Rights Commission, Kenia López Rabadán, stated that the results in two years of government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to protect women are a shame.

According to the report on violence against women published on November 25 by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, the intentional homicide victims have increased 3 percent and those of human trafficking up to 12.3 percent, underlined the legislator of the BREAD.

Furthermore, reports of family violence increased 3.4 percent and gender-based violence 26 percent, while emergency calls to 911 to report incidents of violence against women increased 40 percent and sexual harassment or harassment 12 percent.

The senator therefore maintained that the current administration has dismissed violence against women, generating a new historical debt.

« In two years of the López Obrador government, the results to protect women are a shame, » he said.

He said that the lack of commitment of the federal government to eradicate violence against women and girls has been evident with each of the President’s statements, since he not only dismisses official data, but is also unable to recognize femicides and murders for the fact of being women.

Separately, the activist Patricia Olamendi, leader of the organization We Have Other Data, stated that in Mexico eleven women are murdered a day, so the country has become a land of femicides and impunity.

« It is unheard of that in our country violence against women is also exercised by the State, by criminalizing protest and persecuting the feminist movement, » she accused.

It indicated that various groups that demanded justice in recent days for the increase in violent deaths were repressed by police forces, threatening the life and integrity of the protesters, by using firearms against them.

« The figures are heartbreaking: 7 out of 10 women experience violence, 4 out of 10 sexual violence and 5 out of 10 are beaten, however, from the Presidency of the Republic the situation of women is made invisible, » he denounced.