Cybernauts criticize singer Nacho for getting his girlfriend pregnant without first being divorced

While his wife celebrated the birthday of one of their children together, Nacho separately celebrated his girlfriend’s baby shower. And it is that the singer of Chino and Nacho is expecting a son and not precisely from his wife, from whom he is separated but not divorced.

This « blunder » generated a wave of criticism so strong for the artist that he decided to put a lock on his official Twitter and Instagram account, which had more than 12 million followers. But before closing them, one last message exploded and spread.

“I will breathe, I will move forward and I will get out of this novel before these characters deteriorate my health. May they continue to party with me and continue to entertain themselves with what they sow. I am going to walk away for the sake of my children and for my emotional tranquility. Hopefully it has made them very happy to see how tongues in disarray and parts of the body without brains tried to wreak havoc on my peace, well, I cannot say that they did not succeed ”, was the message with which the composer said“ goodbye ”to their networks.

At the time of closing her instagram account, the post had 4,210 likes. But the netizens were not convinced by your explanation. « You were the one who wreaked havoc on your family’s peace », « if you don’t like to be messed with in your life, why would you become an artist », « you didn’t know what He did, leaving his beautiful family for another one « , » he finally does something good « and » how ridiculous « were some of the messages that they left for the singer.

The interpreter of My pretty girl is married to Iger Mendoza with whom he has 3 children: Miguel, Santiago and Matías. After five years of marriage, they announced that their separation.

Currently Nacho is expecting a son of the model and Miss Melany Mille who has also been the target of criticism and as a result of that she has set up her private instagram account.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas