The first actress Cecilia Romo left the hospital after being 90 days in hospital and undergoing surgery 18 times.

Brave! The first actress Cecilia Romo once again defeated the Coronavirus like a warrior and won the battle. After being detained for 90 days in a hospital and on several occasions having entered intensive care, she now returns home to her family.

Although he has already left the facilities of a healthcare center, « Ceci » Romo will continue his recovery but now under the shelter of the heat of his home. His family conditioned one of the rooms so that he can continue to the letter all his treatment and continue to be under medical observation.

“My mom managed to beat Covid and was able to beat its aftermath and she is with us. There were more than 18 operations, a hundred blood donors, 7 connected tubes and 40 days in an induced coma. It is a true miracle that we can have her with us and there is Ceci for a while. The same doctor who treated her said that it was the most difficult case of her career, ”said Claudia Edelman, daughter of the actress, excited.

Cecilia Romo expired the Covid-19. Photo: Courtesy

The daughter who returned from the United States to be up close with her mother confessed that she was impressed and at the same time happy to see that her mother is « quite a lioness. » « She herself acknowledges that she has not yet fulfilled her mission in the world and life gave her another chance. »

Regarding the consequences that the Coronavirus left on the actress, Claudia assured that « Cecilia is a different woman » from that woman who could be seen in the novel Como tu no 2 de Televisa, the last television project in which she participated before falling ill. .

“She is a ceci who has the same spirit, but she is a woman who lost more than 30 kilos, who lost muscle strength, mobility in her legs and it is difficult for her to speak; his skin is very hurt and yagas from the time he had the mask. So she is going to have a series of medical and love rehabilitation, « said her daughter, who revealed that they will write a book based on the actress’ experience.

Courtesy of TVyNovelas