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Africa Zavala and her boyfriend Leon Peraza They are living one of the best stages of their relationship, and that is that they are into the final stretch of your pregnancyso she hasn’t stopped share pictures of your baby bump.

The actress has dedicated different and emotional phrases to her little one, since it is already known that it will be a baron they call Leon, as announced by the couple since last March.

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« Mom, I know it is difficult. And that this is not the way you imagined your pregnancy, 🤰 be it the first, or second. No baby showers, no social contact, fear of contagion, fear of being alone, fear of giving birth in a hospital, where it is supposed to be, it would be the safest place to do it. This was not the world you were planning to deliver your baby in, this is not the way it was supposed to be. It’s okay if you cry a little, because it’s okay to cry the « would haves » and the « I wish it were different » it’s okay to feel fearful, it’s okay to be anxious. There has never been a guide on how to deal with a pregnancy during a global pandemic crisis. It’s okay to worry about the future, mom, because you know that postpartum won’t be what you planned, either. Cry, yes, but then take a deep breath, and continue, that better days will come, soon will come. And the moment your baby finds his way in this beautiful, chaotic and strange world, you will not go back or wish to do it, because you will have the most valuable thing in your hands, your baby. This baby is your medicine, the medicine for your soul, your heart, ♥ ️for your partner, even for the medical team that will be present at birth, because babies are hope and life, they are a miracle, and miracles really exist. You are not alone, All the moms in the world are here in all the ways we can be for you, you are not alone, you will never be alone and you will overcome this. Millions of moms will give birth to their babies at the same time around the world, 🌎 throughout this season, let’s encourage each other. I would love for you to tag a pregnant mother who may need to hear this. The best is yet to come … Credits: Current Mom

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Áfriza has also shown that this news is inspired, since messages such as: « When God gives you a reason to live … you never have one to give up on ”.

Your beautiful images showing his tummy They have become the favorites of her followers, who fill her with thousands of red hearts and hundreds of comments in which they wish him well.

Zavala has documented every detail of her pregnancy and how her belly has changed in size, something their fans also appreciate, because it has made them part of this process that makes her very happy.


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