After Adam Cole dropped some f-bombs, broke a microphone, and shoved a boy during an explosive performance on the Pat McAfee show last Thursday, I immediately said to myself, “Yes, it’s a job.”

I am still teamwork. But Cole recently tweeted an apology that makes me question my stance the first time.

It is a curious move if the goal is to do business between Cole and McAfee. But it’s worth noting that the NFL player-turned-media personality is not the public of apology. McAfee is never named, and is only mentioned as the cause of the behavior for which Cole apologizes. The oldest reigning NXT champion is saying he’s sorry for WWE and the WWE Universe, not Pat.

So they can continue to generate heat by having the former Indianapolis Colt All-Pro point this out and perhaps demand a personal apology from Cole. Meanwhile, the statement itself creates doubts among those of us who were convinced that this was all a story. Or even if it doesn’t, it at least makes people talk about the incident again.

The only way to know what a shoot is is if this is the last thing we heard about the incident. Even then, it could have been a planned job that WWE decided not to continue with.