2 trailers with weapons and ammunition stolen; they were guarded by the Guard


ORAn armed group attacked two trailers loaded with weapons and ammunition that were guarded by elements and vehicles of the National Guard in the vicinity of San Luis de La Paz, north of the state of Guanajuato.

The criminals took advantage of an alleged neglect of the National Guard, which was not near the cargo vehicles when they began their operation.

In the middle of the night and on federal highway 57, in the section between the municipalities of San Diego de la Unión and San Luis de la Paz, the subjects stopped the trucks and took them away, having lowered their drivers.

Despite the vigilance of the federal authorities, the thieves took the time to unhook the boxes with the weapons to attach them to other tractors and, despite their size, nothing is known about the loot.

The vehicles were found at kilometer 110. The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) has not reported on the matter.

Although one version indicates that the weapons were acquired in the United States by Sedena itself, another indicates that the material belongs to the Tecnos company, and that it was transported from Mexico to the neighboring country to the north.

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