2 models are better than one, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanikolaou

2 models are better than one, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanikolaou (INSTAGRAM)

2 models are better than one, Kylie Jenner and Anastasia Karanikolaou | INSTAGRAM

It seems that these pretty girls do everything together, since the businesswoman and socialite Kylie Jenner, in company with her best friend, the Instagram model Anastasia Karanikolaou they posed together on the beach, and unleashed the highest temperatures on the social network.

The beautiful and voluptuous young women They posed using their respective two-piece swimsuits, very similar, since it is the same model, but with the difference in the colors of the textile garments, something that both love to do together.

It is not the first time, and we assure that it will not be the last, in which we will see these beautiful and prominent models pose together, while having fun or on vacation, since they have been friends for many years, and they have always been very close, to the point of doing practically anything together.

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Like, for example, on this occasion where, on a trip to the bay, they decided to wear their two-piece swimsuits with prints and sarongs together, Kylie’s being pink and Anastasia’s being blue, same print, different shades This is how they wear their outfits.

There were two images that the models gave us in their respective profiles, where the beautiful girls showed their enormous charms to the camera, vainly showing their prominent curves and their tiny waists, causing a great wave of compliments and compliments from their fervent followers .

In the first image, we see them placed side by side, with their long and slender legs uncovered, both wearing their sarongs against the wind, creating a splendid portrait, likewise, both beautiful women decided to use their respective tied hair, to avoid entanglement in the sea breeze.

For its part, the following snapshot shows us the curvy silhouette of both, a little closer, Kylie appeared in front of the lens, with that flirtatious and fierce look that characterizes her and for her part “Stassie” posed showing her foreground. prominent derrier, causing madness in all viewers of the image.


For many users on social networks, they are already the definition of a true dynamic duo, because as we mentioned before, both usually delight us posing for explosive photos, showing their knowledge in twerking or traveling the world together, in addition to the fact that their friendship has many years of development.

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The model and the successful businesswoman have been inseparable for a few years, when for family reasons she moved away from Jordyn Woods, from there, we have been able to see them do almost all their activities in duo, and of course, for that reason, they take photos together wherever they are.

Stassie and Kylie are so alike physically that some fans have even thought they are family, both celebrities often wear matching outfits and sport similar hairstyles and makeup to prove how strong their friendship is.

The truth is that both have resorted to aesthetic and body treatments to look as they do today, from a simple lip filler to more elaborate surgeries, it is for this reason that they look very similar, coupled with the fact that they pose practically the same and they dress very similar.

These best friends have a large number of images posing together, demonstrating the great affection they have for each other and surely in later dates we will be able to appreciate some more images again, because as we have seen in their respective official profiles on Instagram, they go out to relax a little and they travel all the time together.