1,956,979 confirmed cases and 49,792 deaths

The Ministry of Health
indicated that of the total of 1,956,979 infected with COVID-19

in Colombia, there are 115,544 active cases.

This Wednesday, January 20, 17,908 new coronavirus infections were reported.

Bogotá (5,675), Antioquia (1,826) and Cundinamarca (1,366) are the places with the most recent cases.

According to figures from Johns Hopkins University, Colombia is ranked 11th among countries with the most cases, below the United States, India, Brazil, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Germany. It also ranks 11th in the number of deaths in the world.

The number of deaths from COVID-19 in Colombia rose to 49,792.

Bogotá (118), Antioquia (39), Valle del Cauca (35) and Cundinamarca (33) topped the list of deaths.

According to the report from the National Institute of Health, 41 of the deaths correspond to the last hours and the other 349 to previous days. Of these, 198 had no comorbidities.

Today 76,678 tests were processed: 44,951 PCR and 31,727 antigens.

The number of recovered is 1,786,170.

Departments with coronavirus in Colombia:

Since the end of November, Colombia has experienced a worrying increase in cases, for which local leaders have had to revert to measures such as curfews or peak and ID. The selective isolation was extended to February 28.

Authorities insist on practicing proper hand washing, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, using antibacterial gels, caring for the vulnerable population and respecting the preventive isolation measures of each city.
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