Google has announced the construction of a new submarine cable, the Grace Hopper, which will pass through Spain for the first time, uniting it with the United States and the United Kingdom. This cable will improve Google services in our country. It will be ready in 2022.

The Covid-19 continues to set the pace on the agenda of technology companies. The CES 2021 fair, the most important in the world, will not be held, replaced by an online event. And while Google announces that its workers will not return to offices until summer 2021.

He Cobol programming language It is one of the oldest in existence, since it was created in 1959. But it has returned strongly in recent months, with demands for thousands of jobs in the United States. We explain why.

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Technological news

A programming language of 60 years ago is being reused after the coronavirus crisis. Read the news

Google employees won’t return to offices until the summer of 2021. Read the news

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Leisure and gaming

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The curiosities of the day

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