The Government calculates that18 percent of the estimated million beneficiaries of the minimum vital income will be foreigners, that is, some150,000 homes, as indicated to Europa Press parliamentary sources.

These beneficiaries will be, in any case, foreigners who have legal residence in Spain for at least one year before the application is submitted, as the Executive has provided, which does not provide for this benefit for people in an irregular situation in Spain, despite the request of many NGOs that they can also be recipients of this benefit.

In any case,the Ministry of Equality foresees that women victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation can access the benefit, regardless of its administrative situation, an extreme that has not been confirmed by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.

According to the parliamentary sources consulted, the Executive, which plans to approve the measure in the Council of Ministers on May 26,focuses it on a million homesthat at this time they have no income (data from the INE), andurgently, there will be 100,000 single-parent homes(from 90 to 100,000 households).

Also, remember, as has already been done, thatthe basic incomes of the autonomous communities will be complementary and subsidiary. Currently, as they point out, the autonomous communities, with their basic incomes, respond to some 300,000 families in a situation of extreme poverty, whilethe IVM will reach 800,000 families.

The IVM contains an incentive design for the incorporation of the largest number of beneficiaries in the labor market and compliance with the objectives will be monitored taking into account the itineraries that the autonomies design in the Sector Conference.

The municipalities will have an executing role and, therefore, in order to take into account the weight they will have in terms of needing more human resources, they may be allowed to raise the spending rule, according to these sources.

The recipients will be under 65 and over 23, although there is the possibility that it is from 21 years old, or 18 years old if they have children.

To calculate if you are eligible for the IVM, therent(income from movable capital, real estate, non-contributory contributory pensions) and theheritage(with a maximum of 330,000 euros), butwill not compute the habitual residence or the finalist subsidies. The beneficiaries are obliged to make the personal income tax declaration. In addition, alimony will be taken into account.

As already mentioned, the amount for an adult household would be461.53 euros and would increase depending on the members in adults and minorsas well as a complement in familiessingle parent.

The minimum income is articulated as a Social Security benefit, which will be the one that will make the recognition and payment of the benefit, but an agreement is being worked out with the Autonomous Communities, the municipalities and the Third Sector so that they can be recipients of the request , which must be resolved in three months. Administrative silence will be negative.

Five application channels will be established: municipalities, the Social Security Information and Assistance Center (CAISS), autonomous communities, the Third Sector, and a telematic application. The request will be accompanied bya responsible statementwhich must be verified by Social Security later. Although the workers receiving the request will not have to be social workers, those who have to follow the itineraries will have to have this condition.

At the moment, according to the same sources, work is being done, with respect to the Data Protection Law, to detect those cases that are urgent, which are estimated at about 100,000, to which the benefit could be granted ex officio, given that there are many families who do not know where to go. The minimum vital income will be a monthly payment and will be received the month following the application.