The Audi 66 of Drudi, Schramm and Vervisch will start on the Pole

Molina will start 9th, Costa 12th, Soucek 14th and Cabezas 28th

The Audi of the Attempto team of Drudi, Schramm and Vervisch will start from the Pole tomorrow in Imola in the first race of the GT World Challenge Europe. The three-hour test is extremely close, with four marks in the first four places, six in the top ten, and no less than 17 cars in half a second and 26 in a second, making any forecast impossible.

Audi outperformed Calado-Pier Guidi-Nielsen’s Ferrari-AF Corse, Fraga-Marciello-Boguslavskiy’s Mercedes-AKKA and Jaminet-Pilet-Campbell’s Porsche-GTX Monlau. Recall that the qualifying time is the average of the times for the three drivers.

Miguel Molina will be the Spanish who has his car classified in the best position. The Ferrari-SMP that he shares with Davide Rigon and Sergey Sirotkin will do so in 9th place, despite having awarded only 264 thousandths to the Audi de la Pole; He is only 38 thousandths from the 5th place on the grid.

Albert Costa will do it a little further back. The Lamborghini that he shares with Franck Perera and Giacomo Altoè will start in 12th position, just three tenths from the pole, while the Bentley of the K-Pax team that Andy Soucek shares with Jordan Pepper and Alvaro Parente will start 14th.

Another Spaniard takes part in the test, Jorge Cabezas, who shares a Lamborghini with Ezequiel Pérez Companc and Patrick Assenheimer, will come out 28th and sixth among the teams in the ‘Silver’ category, in which the Neubauer-Panis-Neuret Lexus seems called to be the dominator; It has not only distanced rivals but has also achieved an unexpected 7th place on the grid.

Almost impossible forecast for the race. With no less than 45 cars on the track and so much equality in the first places, it is to be expected that the safety car will have a lot of work. Being free of incidents and especially being able to take advantage of the neutralizations will undoubtedly mark the end result.

As proof of this equality, the current champions, the Lamborghini-Orante of Mapelli-Caldarelli-Lind could only qualify in 19th position.


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