160 euros for the Barcelona player’s kit

The Pau Gasol shirt is already on sale on the official website of Barcelona. The club hopes to make money with a player who raises passions and who, surely, It will make them amortize the 30,000 euros that they will pay for their services until the end of the season. The point is that they have not been careful when it comes to setting a price for fans to be dressed like the best Spanish basketball player in history: 160 euros divided into 110 for the shirt with the player’s name and 50 for the pants.

Far from thinking that fans may also be going through a difficult economic situation due to the pandemic, The club wanted to make the most of Gasol’s figure by asking for a real outrage for a basketball jersey. Without going any further, the Champions League shirt with the name of Leo Messi amounts to 116 euros.

If we make the comparison with the eternal basketball rival, Real Madrid, we also find obvious differences in price. Obtaining a jersey of the team led by Pablo Laso costs 63 euros, while the pants cost 35 euros. Not even the two unified accessories –98 euros– reach what is asked only for the Pau Gasol shirt.

Barça wants maximize the presence of Pau Gasol in the team to the point that they have launched a line of children’s shirts and they are far from cheap. The t-shirt for children amounts to 80 euros, while if they want to put a pair of pants they will have to spend an additional 25 euros. The culé club does not believe that the two-time NBA champion can fix his battered accounts, but everything indicates that it will be a great business with such a low salary while they ask for a pasture for his shirt.