16 Gift Ideas for 6th Anniversary in 2021 – Best Iron Anniversary Gifts


First off, I’ve gotta say congratulations on reaching this big milestone with your boo! Six. Freaking. Years. This is a big one, my friend! And I know at this very moment you’re probably trying to think of what to get them on this special day. Well, if you didn’t already know, the traditional ~ theme ~ of a six-year anniversary is iron to represent the durability of your guys’ relationship. So, with that being said, I’ve gathered a bunch of super sweet gift ideas for your sixth anniversary that are in line with this custom.

Here, you’ll find all kinds of cute and personalized iron items that will put a smile on your partner’s face. Maybe they’re really into cooking or are a fan of wine. Or maybe they love wearing jewelry or handsome accessories. Whatever they’re into, I’ve got something in this list that’ll Show how much you adore them.

And if the iron theme ain’t for you, then check out these more if you’re looking for more general anniversary gift ideas, too. I gotchu, bb.

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a personalized bottle opener

Personalized Hand Forged Bottle Opener BlackDogIronworks

$ 25.00

This isn’t just any bottle opener, it’s one that you can get engraved! Add your guys’ names, initials, or anniversary date to make it special.


a wine holder

Iron Tabletop Wine Rack JHY DESIGN

$ 29.99

If your partner is a wine lover, they’re gonna love this chic tabletop wine rack that’ll house all their precious bottles.


a personalized dish

Iron Bowl with Personalized Message CoachHouseForge

$ 94.01

Grab them this lil iron dish they can hold their jewelry, watch, money, and more in. The sweetest part is that you can get a specialized message carved into it, making it that much more thoughtful.


an infinity necklace

Iron Infinity Necklace NatsukoJewelry

$ 78.00

An elegant way to show your love during this big milestone is snagging them this simple, yet stylish infinity necklace. It symbolizes the bond you both share and they’ll be able to have it with them all the time!


a waffle maker

WAF-F10 Iron Waffle Maker

Get them this top-rated waffle maker if they’re a biiig breakfast person. And maybe even serve them some breakfast in bed while you’re at it.


an iron grill pan

Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Pour Spouts Ayesha Curry Kitchenware

$ 34.99

TBH, it’s tough finding a high-quality cast iron grill pan that’s actually affordable. But thankfully this one by Ayesha Curry exists! This under- $ 50 beauty would make your foodie SO veryyy happy.


a belt buckle

Handmade Iron Belt Buckle steeltoestudios

$ 103.00

Their jaw will drop when they see that you got them this super cool, handmade belt buckle. And then they will continue to freak out when they see that you got six stamped in roman numerals on it!


a bracelet

Black Iron Bracelet Kinsley Armelle

$ 43.99

I’d say if your special person is into jewelry, they’d absolutely adore this sleek iron arm candy they can wear with anything.


an iron wall planter

Dayne Iron Wall Planter AllModern

$ 53.99

Your boo, who has a thing for home décor (and plant bbs!), will be obsessed with this fun hanging iron wall planter they can put up in the house.


an iron frame

Weston Frame 8×10 “Pottery Barn

$ 39.50

Pictures deserve luxe treatment and this sophisticated, iron frame will make sure that you and your love’s memories are safely preserved.


to grill press

Cast Iron Grill Press Victoria

$ 20.00

All I gotta say is that this grill accessory has a five-star rating on Amazon with almost 3,000 glowing reviews. And if your honey is always grilling up something for the both of you, they’ll be all over this.


a kettlebell

WKB1013 10 lb. Kettlebell Weider

$ 14.58

Have you been with a gym head for the last six years? Well, nothing will say, “I love you and I know you,” quite like a kettlebell. (Hey, it’s on theme!)


a fondue kit

Red Cast Iron Fondue Set Crate & Barrel Crate & Barrel

$ 39.95

Yes, this will be a gift for your significant other, but obviously, it’ll be one for you, too! Whip this bad boy out whenever you both feel like having cheese fondue or chocolate-dipped strawberries.


to tea set

Blue Floral Cast Iron Teapot Set

Tea connoisseurs are gonna adore this ~ fahncy ~ set that comes with four cups, a kettle, a trivet, and a lid holder. It may look like it’s made out of porcelain, but it is, indeed, cast iron!


a pair of cufflinks

Iron Cufflinks Jollygoodcreations

$ 21.62

Okay, but aren’t these iron cufflinks the cutest things you’ve ever seen ?!


a skillet set

2-PC Cast Iron Set

Treat your darlin ‘, who’s always in the kitchen, to this deluxe cast iron set. They’ll be able to fry, bake, and sear with this sturdy wonder. Dinners for y’all are about to level up!

Megan Uy Assistant Shopping Editor Megan is the Assistant Shopping Editor at Cosmo where she covers all things shopping within the fashion and lifestyle space.

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