15 colonies and 18 cruise ships from León were affected by the blackout

There were a total of 15 colonies in León that were affected by the blackout, this after the National Center for Energy Control (CENACE) will inform that randomly rotating load cuts would be carried out, a situation that for hours generates anguish in the population.

The lack of electricity in some crossroads and roads such as the Torres Landa Boulevard at the junction with Pradera, Mariano Escobedo Boulevard, and the Fco Villa Boulevard at Paseo de Jerez, where the traffic lights went out generated the mobilization of 49 elements of transit on the 18 cruise ships, without any traffic incidents between citizens.

According to the report issued by the León Public Security Secretariat, in 11 of these neighborhoods the electricity service was restored between 8:00 and 8:30 at night, these were Loma Bonita, Kennedy, La Merced, San Isidro , Azteca, Oriental, Los Limones, Los Olivos, Manzanares, Fraccionamiento Guadalupe and the Latin American colony.

Subsequently, reports were received from four neighborhoods located south of the city, whose service was restored until 10:30 at night: Jardines de Jerez, Parques del Sur, Jardines de Jerez 3ra. Section and the Granjeno.

As a preventive measure, the residents of the affected neighborhoods took shelter at home to wait for everything to normalize, as for business owners and commercial areas, they opted to close early to avoid being victims of crime.

No public or private hospital was affected by the load cuts; however, the generators were enlisted if necessary.

These reports correspond to those received by citizens through the emergency number 9-1-1 and the Traffic and Police patrol in the municipality, the blackout occurred in a white balance and only one arrest of two men was registered for the carrying of a knife, same that they were arranged before the authority.