The most embarrassing movie scenes to watch again

Uncomfortable humor is one of the most effective tools in film history. There are moments in popular movies that are not easy to see. We can all feel identified with “swallow Earth” situations that the big screen has taken to extremes on many occasions, and that remain in our memory despite the passage of time. From the absurd situations of Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones’s Diary, to humiliating moments that Ben Stiller stars in the bathrooms of his appointments. A review of some scenes to die of shame (again) or feel sorry for the character or the actor himself who got them to talk about him for a bad performance that ended up being annoying to watch.

Ben Stiller in Crazy about Mary

In the hit comedy Loco por Mary there are plenty of awkward situations to watch. The scene where poor Ted (Ben Stiller) grabs his private parts with the closure of his pants is one of the most embarrassing moments in the film. As if that were not enough for Ted, Mary’s parents, a police officer and even a firefighter all went to witness what was happening before ending up in an ambulance. This incident is based on a true story. The parents of the brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly were the ones who helped a young man in that situation, and they decided to make fun of human misfortune in one of the most remembered scenes in the film, released in 1998.

Bridget Jones and an endless list of humiliations

Cinema’s most beloved bachelorette Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) goes through all sorts of hot flashes on the big screen. Without a doubt one of the most remembered moments of the first movie is when he goes to a family Christmas event dressed as a Playboy bunny thinking that it was a costume party.

The ridiculous death of Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises


Marion Cotillard is one of the best actresses of the moment. But there’s a job that haunts her in a way: The Dark Knight Rises. Her second collaboration with Christopher Nolan after Inception was the lowest-rated installment of the Batman trilogy, and she starred in one of the most criticized moments. The death of his character. Years later, the French star expressed frustration at the impact of that scene. “Sometimes there are errors, and when you see it on screen you think: Why? Why did they stop that shot? But you blame everyone or nobody. I think people exaggerated, it was hard that they only pointed me out for that scene. When I’m doing my best to find authenticity in every character I play, it’s hard to be remembered for that alone. « 

Tobey Maguire trying to act like a sexy bad boy in Spider-man


In Spider-Man 3, the scene where Tobey Maguire, like Peter Parker, plays « hot guy » is hard for viewers to forget. In the commented sequence Peter appears strolling through the streets of New York City, while doing a cheesy dance in the style of John Travolta in the 70s, snaps his fingers and strangely points to each woman who passes by him.

The apple pie in American pie

Jim Levenstein, played by Jason Biggs, and his famous « intimate » encounter with an apple pie is impossible to forget for fans of American Pie. An embarrassing scene if any and that Biggs himself acknowledged was not easy for him: « I called my agent and said‘ Do I really have to do this? ‘ ». Finally, his agent convinced him and ended up starring in one of the most remembered scenes of the first installment of the successful teenage saga of the brothers Paul and Chris Weitz.

Ben Stiller in My girlfriend Polly


It seems that Ben Stiller loves to star in eschatological scenes in bathrooms. On her first date with Polly, played by Jennifer Aniston, nothing could be worse. Although her date starts off well, she quickly turns into a disaster after realizing that Moroccan food didn’t sit well with her. This results in Reuben having no choice but to use Polly’s bathroom, which eventually ends up flooded.

The battle of speeches in Bridesmaids

Although the movie Bridesmaids (2011) is filled with several hilariously awkward moments, one of the most embarrassing scenes is when Annie, played by Kristen Wiig, and Helen, played by Rose Byrne, give speeches during their friend’s engagement party Lillian. What starts out as a sweet and simple toast to the girlfriend’s best friend soon turns into a series of incredibly awkward competitive speeches.

Paul Rudd in I love you man

While Paul Rudd’s character Peter Klaven is making drinks for his fiancée and her friends, he hears them talking that he has no friends and they comment on how awkward it will be at the wedding when his wife has plenty of bridesmaids and he I don’t even have a godfather. When Peter tries to leave his apartment, the group of friends see him and know that he heard everything they said about him. Which makes the whole scene even more awkward as everyone tries to act like everything is fine.

Harry and another failed quote on Silly and stupid

In one of the most iconic bathroom scenes in film history. Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) suffers from a sudden stomach accident at his date’s home, Mary. What he did not know is that his friend Lloyd (Jim Carrey) had made a joke of putting laxative in tea. The whole scene is incredibly comical, but it’s hard not to feel at least a little embarrassed by poor Harry, especially after Mary tells him that the toilet he just used was broken.

Reese Witherspoon at another party that didn’t go well in Legally blonde

The comedy is full of fun moments, but the scene where Elle Woods, played by Reese Witherspoon, walks into a Harvard party dressed as a pink bunny is almost unbearable to watch. Fortunately, Elle, who was deceived by her enemy, Vivian (Selma Blair). he manages the situation with total balance and puts it in its place.

Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie want to forget the movie Alexander

The 2004 historical drama Alexander, starring Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, and Val Kilmer, was not necessarily embarrassing by the characters on screen, but by the actors who starred in it. Shortly after its release, critics tore apart the film, particularly because of the unusual mix of accents. While Farrell kept her natural Irish accent, Jolie sounded more Russian than Greek. Of course, there was also all the discomfort of Jolie, 29 at the time, playing Farrell’s mother, 28, who made every scene they were together very uncomfortable to watch.

Julia Roberts in My best friend’s Wedding


As if seeing Juliane, the character of Julia Robert, trying to win the heart of her best friend Michael, who will soon marry another, is not shameful enough, her fake boyfriend George decides to accompany her to embarrass her even more. The whole table singing « I Say a Little Prayer » in the middle of a great family lunch is one of the most unforgettable moments in comedy.

Meg Ryan’s famous faked orgasm in When Harry met Sally


The movie When Harry Met Sally has a particularly awkward scene that everyone vividly remembers. It takes place in a café, where Sally and Harry discuss the differences between men and women. However, Sally easily wins this argument when she resorts to faking an orgasm just to prove she was right. And all the while, Harry awkwardly tries to avoid the stares of the entire restaurant.

Poor Josie from Never kissed

It’s impossible not to feel sorry for Drew Barrymore’s character Josie Geller in Never Been Kissed, when he has a flashback of his first graduation experience. Poor Josie was dressed in a spectacular metallic pink dress from the ’80s waiting for her date. However, shortly after saying goodbye to his parents and going out to greet his date with enthusiasm, Billy throws an egg in his face.


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