14 Best Citronella Candles 2021 – Citronella Candles for Summer

Ruben Chamarro

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that nothing ruins warm weather more than mosquitoes, right? Like, give me that 98-degree weather with a broken air conditioner all day, any day. But it’s the 3 am buzzing in my ear that actually makes me want to hibernate until December and shout from the rooftops that summer is the woOoOoOoOoOorst.

This is why we’re giving thanks to the holy grail of candles: citronella. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, citronella oil works as a natural, non-toxic insect repellent by masking said insects’ fave smells, which makes it difficult for them to, uh, bite and feed on you. In candle form, you can mask your natural delicious human scent for hours. But it should be said that, no, these candles don’t straight-up kill insects. (Ew, imagine the cleanup. But if you don’t mind a massacre, an electric bug zapper will be your jam.) Still, citronella candles are still super effective at keeping mosquitoes far away from you, your friends, and your chilled bottle of sweet wine.

And with so many different styles to choose from, you’ll be that much closer to a buzz-free summer. Don’t worry, I’m talking bugs, not booze. 🙂

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this simple one

Citronella Votive Set Skeem Design

$ 66.00

This designed set of soy candles is made from lemongrass leaves and stems. Plus, it can burn for 50 hours.


this large one

Wood Citronella Candle With Lid Pottery Barn

$ 149.00

On top of the citronella, this seven (!!!) – wick candle features verbena leaves, pomelo, thyme, lemon balm, lavender, and rosemary fragrances.


this calming one

Green Tea and Lemongrass Candle Zen Collection

$ 20.00

Light this and you’ll be able to immediately smell the fresh green tea aroma. * deep breath in, deep breath out *


this woodsy one

Palo Santo Citronella Candle Skeem Design

$ 58.00

This bb blends together two insect-repelling scents for a double whammy of protection: citronella and palo santo wood.


this elegant one

Citronella Ceramic Candle Laguna Candles

$ 65.00

Not only does this candle keep you bite-free, it’s so f * cking chic ?? And comes in multiple sizes ?? Ugh, yes.


this tropical one

Citronella and Lime Candle Hawaiian Candles

$ 12.00

After you’ve used up this refreshing candle (lime >>> lemon), you should absolutely reuse the bowl for all the bowl things.


this fun one

FuckBoy Repellent Candle Posh Candle Co.

$ 15.00

A chill blend of vanilla and citronella, you’ll ward away all of the mosquitoes and Tinder clowns after just one use.


this breezy one

3-Wick Candle In Cement Pot Royal

$ 9.99

This candle fully looks like the ocean right? The bugs on your land-locked patio won’t know what hit it.


this no-frills one

Mosquito Repellent Candle Murphy’s Naturals

$ 9.99

Guys, there are so many five-star ratings on this DEET-free candle that you * must * try it out for yourself.


this adventurous one

Citronella Travel Candle Bradley Mountain

$ 27.00

Notes of fir, moss, and redwood are blended with the citronella to create a truly in-your-face-without-going-overboard Pacific Northwest vibe.


this vintage one

80-Hour Citronella Candle Candle by the Hour

$ 31.99

Inspired by the “courting candle” of yore, this beauty will make an excellent centerpiece while banishing all the bugs.


this portable one

Citronella and Woods Candle Malicious Women Candle Co.

$ 10.00

These small four-ounce tins last for 20-hours and smell like the actual food thanks to the pine and cedar notes. Take it on all of your glamping adventures.


these dainty ones

Tea Light Candles Mosquito Guard

$ 10.95

They have the citronella benefits of all the other candles on this list, but delicately wrapped up in itty bitty tea lights. You know, for ambiance!


this serious one

Outdoor Candle Lantern Coleman

$ 13.99

So she’s definitely not cute, but this lantern is both cost-effective and keeps going for 70+ hours. It’s also so industrial that it might just scare the bugs away on looks alone.

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