A group of 135 Nicaraguans who were stranded on the high seas for more than three months, managed to enter the country on Monday afternoon on a flight from Curacao.

“It was a long wait, but thank God we managed to get in, around 5:00 in the afternoon,” Mayeli Hodgson, a member of the Carnival Cruiseline company, told LA PRENSA.

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He explained that of the group of 135 Nicaraguans, 100 belonged to the Carnival Cruiseline company, and 35 of the Princess Cruise Line company.

According to the Nicaraguan, the company in which she works did not provide further details of the process established with the Nicaraguan authorities for their return, they only limited to confirming that on June 29 they would enter Nicaragua.

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“We were crossing our fingers that no change came up at the last minute as always happens with this government,” said Hodgson.

According to Hodgson, upon arrival at Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, 10 to 11 buses were waiting for them to take them to Bluefields.

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Another group of Nicaraguans from the Princess Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean cruise companies are still stranded, waiting for the Ortega regime to allow them to enter, as well as the Nicaraguans who became unemployed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Gran Alligator.

According to Hodgson, he unofficially learned that on July 13 another group of Nicaraguans will arrive in the country.

Regime argues for closure of borders

In recent months, the Daniel Ortega regime has prevented Nicaraguans who work for companies that cruise or are on tourist boats from entering the country, arguing that the borders have been closed, even though they have not officially been closed.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has reported at least 500 Nicaraguans who want to enter the country but are stranded on boats or on neighboring islands. The stranded Nicaraguans are mostly from the Caribbean coast of the country.

Royal Caribbean, Princes Cruise Line, Carnival Glory, Norwegian Cruise Line among others, are the tourist companies where hundreds of Nicaraguans have been stranded, unemployed by the coronavirus.