13 Best Pillows For Sex

Now that you’re a certified Real Adult who does things like goes on dates and puts plants in your bathroom, it’s time to elevate your bedroom with the one required sex toy: a pillow. I’m not talking about just any type of pillow though. I’m talking about a soft and cozy piece of furniture that doubles as both an orgasm and a sleep enhancer: the sex pillow.

These babies are designed specifically to make sex better and more comfortable for you, says Lovers sexpert and sexologist Marla Renee Stewart. So, no, you won’t want to just settle for any old pillow you have lying around from Home Goods. We’re better than that.

Here’s a little bit about what they can do and why you need one: You can use these pillows to prop up your butt or genitals for easier penetration and oral, you can kneel on it mid-sex since they help reduce fatigue and muscle strains, and you can grind against it during a masturbation session. Stewart also adds that a sex pillow can “help with leverage, bring ease to whatever body part is in need, and allow you to be more creative with sexual positioning.” I’ll take it.

And while doggy style is probably one of the most popular moves to do with a pillow, they can be used for pretty much any sex position. Consider it to be your one-size-fits-all secret to a better bang.

So luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best sex pillows to add to your bedroom decor right now. It’s time to invest your $$$, friends. Enjoy!

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1 A Sassy Sex Pillow You Can Have Anywhere in the House

$ 120.00

Oh hello new favorite bedroom accessory. Even if you don’t have sex on this pillow, it’s too cute not to proudly display on your bed. But if you do decide to get down and dirty on it — which we highly advise, by the way — you can remove the micro velvet cover and toss it in the wash when you’re done. The foam interior holds its shape while your ~ other lips ~ get to work.

2 Your New Favorite “Travel” Pillow

Liberator Wild Flower

$ 150.00

Could it be used as a neck pillow? Yup. Does it offer lots of support? Yup. Is it about to be your new favorite BDSM toy? Yup. This simple wedge pillow is discrete enough to accompany you anywhere — on your flights, at the office, and in the bedroom. Not only does it come in three chic colors, but this Liberator pillow has hidden D-rings that can act as a restraint accessory by attaching some sashes or cuffs.

3 A Pillow That Keeps You Cool

Sex is a sweaty activity, and pillows make things even sweatier. Save yourself a bit of added heat by using this ventilated foam option, which will keep you cool. More than 2,700 Amazon reviewers already love it.

4 An Inflatable Position Pillow

This is the one pillow you probably won’t casually leave on your bed because it can simply deflate in seconds. Sooo … take it with you on vacation! Use it in the pool! Snag it if you’re low on space but want a pillow to * elevate * your sexual experiences! The easy-grip handles on either side will help give you leverage and keep the pillow in place while you go at it.

5 The Wedge Pillow Everyone Talks About


$ 79.99

This little guy is called the Liberator, and it’s the only pillow on the list that’s actually marketed as a pillow for sex. What separates it from non-sex sex pillows is that the Liberator has a removable, microfiber cover — meaning it’s easy to wash and wicks away any stains.

6 A Memory Foam Bed Wedge


$ 61.86

Did you know there’s such a thing as a sex wedge? And did you know this isn’t that, but it’s basically the same thing? Look at the way this pillow is angled, and think about the logistics of propping up your bod on it — and how that might add a new dimension to something simple, like missionary. Even a few Amazon reviewers mention this bad boy is great for sex.

7 A Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

Comfort Revolution,

$ 24.99

If a wedge seems like a bit much, a contoured pillow made from moldable memory foam provides a smaller, less dramatic slope. Also, the little dip makes for a very convenient spot to place your knees.

8 A Slightly Fancier Memory Foam Option


$ 89.00

If you just can’t remove stomach buying a pillow you reserve for sex, and want one you can also use to sleep, this Tempur-Pedic option is ergonomically designed to support proper alignment while you sleep. And while this isn’t an * official * use, it also seems ergonomically designed to prop your butt during sex.

9 A Set of Stackable Pillows


$ 38.99

This inexpensive set-of-two pillows are perfect for stacking behind your partner’s back for a propped-up, reverse cowgirl situation. Also perfect for then sleeping comfortably side-by-side afterward. Aww!

10 Some ~ Sexy ~ Velvet Throw Pillows


$ 11.99

Some facts: Velvet is a soft fabric, and red is a sexy color. Combine those two things and put them on a set of decorative, firm throw pillows? You’ve got sex pillows. Use one as a knee cushion, use both to get some height to make certain positions deeper — your call. And when you’re done, use them as elegant decor.

11 A Pillow With “Bone” in The Name

Original Bones,

$ 24.99

The brand is literally “Original Bones.” Like “bone” as in, “we boned.” Coincidence? Yes — but it’s a fun coincidence, and we’re going with it! In all seriousness (sort of), the dramatic slope of this pillow and the soft material makes for a great prop to add depth to missionary and sex from behind.

12 An Adjustable Height Pillow

Pancake Pillow,

$ 69.99

Some positions need more height than others, and some bodies need more height than others. So rather than buying several pillows, buy just this one. It comes with inserts you can add and remove to adjust the height, making it a good option for any sex move you can think of.

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