12 things you didn’t know about Lucy Lawless, the legendary Xena

A legendary television career

The success of ‘Xena’ has served Lawless to gain an immense career on television, despite the fact that many of the roles that have allowed him to play fit in historical series or science fiction. Without a doubt, one of the most relevant is that of (initially) Number Three in ‘Battlestar Galactica’, a vitally important role in the acclaimed series.

In addition, he appeared as a guest star in numerous successful series such as ‘The X Files’, ‘Two and a Half Men’, ‘Verónica Mars’, ‘Larry David’, ‘The Conchords’ or ‘L.’.

More recently we have seen her in ‘Parks and Recreation’, ‘Top of the Lake’, ‘The Code’, ‘Agents of SHIELD’ or ‘Salem’. However, her two most famous recent roles are in the gore comedy ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ and, of course, her legendary role as Lucretia on the ‘Spartacus’ series, for which she won a Saturn Award in 2010.