12 things about Iain Glen, Ser Jorah in ‘Game of Thrones’


Iain Glen, born Iain Alan Sutherland Glen in Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 24, 1961, became a figure of the collective imagination by embodying the dedicated Jorah Mormont in ‘Game of Thrones‘But, as his career did not exactly start in 2011, we have created this list of curiosities to better discover the actor who, two decades earlier, had already won the Silver Bear for best male performance at the Berlin International Film Festival for his role in ‘Silent scream‘(David Hayman, 1990).

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I was not going to be an actor

Glen is not one of those actors who wanted to be as children. In fact, he did not begin to consider this possibility until he was in college (he studied at the University of Aberdeen), when his friends encouraged him to participate in the theater society. He assures that in a play his partner on the scene told him that he could not take her eyes off him and that convinced him to be an actor.

He went to the same college as Ned Stark

Ian Glen went to the same college as Ned Stark (Sean Bean). And that Lady Olenna (Diana Rigg), Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) and Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies). And what a half guild of British actors.

Ian Glen attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, better known as RADA, like so many other highly recognized actors such as Maggie Smith, Kenneth Branagh, Joan Collins, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Tom Hiddleston, Vivan Leigh, Anthony Hopkins, Janet McTeer, Clive Owen or Alan Rickman. There he was awarded the Bancroft Gold Medal and shared a class with Ralph Fiennes.

His family is full of artists

Although her success is mainly due to her hard work and involvement in all the roles she plays, art runs through her veins as well. His older brother, Hamish (pictured), also works in the entertainment industry and is currently the artistic director of the Belgrade Theater.

On the other hand, his ex-wife Susannah Harker is also an actress and we remember her from the 1995 miniseries ‘Pride and Prejudice’, with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Harker also comes from a family of actors, since both his parents and his brothers are dedicated to this profession.

Call it being

Without a doubt, the role that has marked Iain Glen’s career and for which we will remember him by posterity is that of Ser Jorah Mormont in ‘Game of Thrones’, the knight of House Mormont who fled the Seven Kingdoms after being convicted to death for trafficking in slaves, and who subsequently becomes Daenerys Targaryen’s most loyal ally (so much so that he is in love with her). He says of the HBO series Mormont that “it is a dream job from start to finish. If when taking stock of your career you can include things that have as much impact as ‘Game of Thrones’ has, you can be satisfied.”

His first movie was with Dumbledore

Iain Glen made his debut on the big screen with David Hare in a thriller entitled ‘Paris by Night’ (‘A call at midnight’, 1988), where he shared the limelight with Michael Gambon and Charlotte Rampling, two legendary British actors (the first, also known for being the second actor to play Dumbledore in the ‘Harry Potter’ saga).

As a good Briton he is a television animal

It is common in the British actors’ guild to divide their time between cinema, theater and, of course, television. Although his best known role is that of ‘Game of Thrones’, Iain Glen made his debut in a television fiction back in 1986, in ‘Taggart’, a Scottish procedural. In recent years we have seen him in ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Downton Abbey’ or ‘Borgia’.

Theirs is the theater

Known for his deep voice, his steely gaze, and the intense characters he portrays, Iain Glen has excelled especially on the stage, where he has garnered some of his greatest professional successes since he first stepped on it in 1986. He was nominated for an award. theatrical Laurence Olivier for his role in ‘Martin Guerre’ in 1997; for ‘The Blue Room’ in 1999; and for ‘The Crucible’ in 2007. He has shared the stage with Nicole Kidman in ‘The Blue Room’ and with Glenn Close in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’.

The Irish Detective

At 56, Iain Glen is known for notable roles in film and television (in addition to Sir Jorah in ‘Game of Thrones’, he has been Dr. Alexander Isaacs in the ‘Resident Evil’ saga) but there is a role that he has played his recent career is that of Jack Taylor in the homonymous saga based on the novels by Ken Bruen, in which Glen plays the title role. ‘Jack Taylor’ is a popular police drama that has been broadcast on Ireland’s TV3 network and has been broadcast since 2010. His character is an old-school private detective with a bad temper and alcohol problems.

An atypical father

Iain confessed in an interview that he is very unorthodox when it comes to educating his children (he has one, Finlay, with Sussanah Harker; and two daughters with his current partner, Charlotte Emmerson) and that he has taught the youngest all the swear words you know and when to use them accurately. “I’m not your typical father,” he says.

In favor of nudism

Although Glen is one of the few actors who has not been naked in ‘Game of Thrones’, he is fully involved in showing the human body with total ease. He assures that he does not feel any shame to undress in public and that at home he usually goes naked.

He also has a talent for music

Glen not only knows how to act but is a talented musician. Not only does he know how to sing, as he demonstrated in the musical ‘Martin Guerre’, but he also knows how to play the guitar and the piano. Glen claims that playing the guitar keeps him sane. He demonstrated his talents in the film ‘Small Engine Repair’.

Purebred scotch

Iain Glen was born, raised and raised in Scotland but didn’t feel Scottish at the time. Years later, already settled in London, he claims to feel completely Scottish although he does not want independence, precisely because “he considers it rude to want something like that if he lives in London”.

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