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If you struggle with picking out the perfect plant for your apartment, then finding the best way to properly and appropriately display your new photosynthesizing child probs won’t be easy either. Sure, you could go with some super cute plant stands, but chances are your Polly Pocket-sized apartment is already struggling to contain the rest of your creature comforts (see: chairs covered in clothes). I get it: You. Need. Space.

And that, friends, brings us to wall planters. The unsung hero of all the cool plant moms who walk among us. Yes, they’re chic. Yes, they save floor space. And, yes, your plants will enjoy living in them quite a lot. I mean, the views alone are like upgrading from the basement to the penthouse, amirite?

Below are some of the best wall planters to show off your plant bbs in the manner they demand to be flaunted. From macrame hanging planters (basically plant hammocks) to colorful ceramic stones (yes, the plant goes IN the stone), we’ve gathered the best pieces for your plants to settle into.

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a wooden one

Honeycomb Hexagon Shelves craftedglorydesign

$ 105.00

These honeycomb shelves incorporate that ~ natural wooden aesthetic ~ into your apartment!

Soil and Clay

$ 15.00

What better way to put your Pothos on display than these sleek-as-hell glass orbs ?! Just mount the globes onto the wall, fill them with water, and place the plant cuttings inside. Once they start to grow some roots, you can put them in a new pot, and voila! (PS Pothos, philodendrons, and English Ivy can all live in the water forever!)


a birght one

Ceramic Stones CozzzySpot

$ 46.95

Allow us to introduce you to the CUTEST ceramic stone planters. Add fun pops of color to any bare wall and your small plants will srsly never go unnoticed!


a macrame one

Macrame Hanging Planter CRAZY PLANT BAE

$ 27.99

The hanging planter is an actual classic. This set of three is suuuper minimal and will look great in any boho-themed aesthetic.


to glam one

Metallic Gold Wall Planters Carson Carrington

$ 49.99

So shiny! Your plants will look like actual royalty (as they should) in these gold planters.


a modern one

Metal Plant Hanger

These metal plant hangers are so stylish your friends will look at them and be like, “Damn, who is she?”


a super unique one

Rosa Hanging Pot The Holistic Habitat

$ 50.00

Why go basic when you can have this pretty plant lady snoozing on your wall? It’s your wall planter, but I think you should def. name her. Looks like a “Betty” to me. Up to you though!


One for your kitchen

9 Pot Metal Wall Planter August Grove

$ 69.99

This plant organizer is sorta perfect for growing herbs to use when cooking. Kudos if you can remember what they are without labeling them. You’ve got skills.


one that blends in

Geometric White and Gold Wall Planters Danya B.

$ 54.49

Your gallery wall could use some plants, right? This set of three is the perfect match for gold or white frames (or really any color, honestly).


to terracotta one

The Holistic Habitat Wall Mount Funnel The Holistic Habitat

$ 110.00

If you are in a committed relationship with your terracotta pots, then you NEED this handmade wall planter in your life! It’s perfect for cacti and succulents — small note: since they are raw pots, they can turn greenish or brown over time, so maybe consider not planting * directly * inside of them if you want the pots to stay the same forever.


One for outside

Circular Succulent Hanging Pot BrownPlantGirls

$ 24.98

Wall planters can be outdoorsy too! This rustic, handmade one would look so good on your patio teeny tiny terrace.

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