This June 25 was the 11th anniversary of the death of the great pop artist, Michael Jackson. His music continues to resonate every every, every disco, although his image continues to be characterized as controversial.

June 26, 2020

Michael Jackson, the famous « King of Pop », died a June 25th, 2009 in his mansion in California, United States, attentive to a medication overdose and in the midst of a growing controversy around his figure due to complaints from child sexual abuse.

While he started out as the label’s youth star Motown, who fulfilled the « American dream » for the black race, at 50 he died as the undisputed idol worldwide after the huge success of the album « Thriller ».

Michael Jackson, as a child, an idol for the world of children and youth.

Michael Jackson died in the midst of preparing a new series of presentations that sought to relaunch his career, after the harsh accusations that overshadowed his long career in the world of pop music. These same took him to the stand.

This 2020, the complaints reappeared as a result of the premiere of Leaving Neverland, a documentary in which the alleged victims present a stark and detailed account of the events and that separated the waters among their followers. None of this was new to Jackson as he had already had a first indictment in 1993.

Michael Jackson had a career decline on charges against him.

Despite everything, he died in 2009 with a large entourage of followers around the world: the man born in Indiana in 1958 broke unthinkable records by positioning « Thriller » as the best-selling album of all time, with an estimate that exceeds the 65 million copies.

Already as children, although with the obligation imposed by their severe and abusive father Joe, the Jackson 5 they became one of the sensations of the Motown label, the main diffuser of black rhythms for a massive white audience, although Michael Jackson was the star that emerged and lasted for decades later.

« Blame it on the boogie », « Enjoy yourself », « Can you feel it » and « I want you back », were some of the successes reaped by the group that captivated by their choreography and vocal arrangements. Unfortunately, they were aspects accomplished at the mercy of the physical punishments imposed by Joe when something went wrong in rehearsals.

Once separated from his brothers, success for Michael Jackson came when he teamed up with the producer. Quincy Jones, for the album « Off the wall », from 1979, which became a late disco music classic with songs like « Rock with you » and « Don »t stop  » til you get enough ».

Michael Jackson passed away at age 50 from a drug overdose.

But he was not only renowned in the media and among fans for his music or allegations of sexual abuse: over the years, the image of Michael began to be the center of debate from physiognomic changes for a supposed disease linked to the pigmentation of his skin and a series of surgeries that took away black characteristics from his personality. This was reflected even in his music, increasingly focused on nondescript pop ballads.

And finally, in the last years of his life, what led him back to controversy was « Neverland », his mansion where he received minors, considering his constant desire to be a Peter Pan for them. The boys’ choice as a regular companion raised suspicions around Michael, who was eventually accused of abusing them on numerous occasions.

Michael Jackson’s career was marked by a lot of talent, innovation and fan support. Although his last years of life, records and shows were not well received by various people, to this day his music is still relevant on radio, records, mobile devices and even on television and Netflix. Was it an idol for you?