11 things you didn’t know about the new Batman

“It was fast. Faster than normal, “says a Warner worker in an enlightening report by The Hollywood Reporter on the casting process for ‘The batman‘, the first installment of the new trilogy about the Gotham vigilante that is preparing Matt reeves and what has to Robert Pattinson like new masked crusader.

From the beginning, Pattinson was on Reeves’ mind. The idea became even stronger when he saw the actor in ‘Good time‘(Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie, 2017) and’High Life‘(Claire Denis, 2018), so he was the first selected for the role. The once star of ‘Twilight‘had been chosen to embody a new version of the dark knight and the internet, of course, exploded.

But it is that Pattinson is much more than Edward Cullen, as he has shown in great interpretive works such as’Cosmopolis‘(David Cronenberg, 2012),’Life‘(Anton Corbijn, 2015), the two titles mentioned or the enigmatic’The lighthouse‘(Robert Eggers, 2019), from whose presentation in Cannes he had to rush back to a studio in Burbank where a Batman suit used in a previous film was waiting for him to begin the costume tests.

We have plenty of reasons to trust and begin to think that, luckily for all of us, we are at the beginning of an absolutely promising project. To help a reunion between the interpreter and those who do not forgive him about the luminous bloodsucker, we have created this collection of curiosities about the actor on video but, one way or another, the bat is now with Reeves and Pattinson, it’s up to they get out of the well.

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