11 people investigated for reckless driving in a concentration



Updated on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 – 14:42

On May 16, drivers and vehicle occupants committed alleged crimes against road safety that the Civil Guard is investigating after locating their protathonists through social networks.

One of the photos that the participants themselves posted on social networks.

The Civil Guard of Ourense has taken statements from 11 people as investigated for alleged crimes of reckless driving during a vehicle concentration by the Caones del Sil when they participated in the 1 Multi-brand route which was celebrated on May 16.

According to the Armed Institute, the events occurred around 7:00 p.m. May 16 when the participants of a concentration of vehicles circulated on the route planned by the organization. The vehicles were identified by the Investigation and Analysis Group of the Civil Guard of Traffic of Ourense as a consequence of the work that these agents usually carry out in tracking social networks.

In this case, the images “posted” on different platforms made it possible to identify various vehicles in which, with the consent of the drivers, “the passengers traveled seated on the door frames, with the upper half of the body completely out of the vehicle and without restraint of any kind, sometimes carrying out maneuvers that endangered the life and physical integrity of these people “, the same sources emphasize.

Drivers are charged with assumptions vial security felony reckless driving, provided for in article 380.1 of the Criminal Code as perpetrators. And to the occupiers the same crimes as necessary cooperators. All of them, Benemrita highlights, face prison terms of six months to two years and deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles for a period of one to six years.


The Civil Guard of Traffic has explained that it detects that “There are more and more events and automotive organizations of this type, which are carried out through public use routes open to traffic in general” and that, in the case of not being competitions to use, “they are exempt from adjusting and complying with the demanding regulations for sports events,” he adds. However, he clarifies that this “does not imply that the Civil Guard disregards these concentrations”, but rather the opposite, “it involves a large number of agents, both doing civilian service in camouflaged cars and in uniform, in control and surveillance” , he adds, “of these kedadas.”

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