11 armed men were arrested after incident with the police in the US

July 3, 2021


11 heavily armed men dressed in military uniforms were arrested this Saturday in the state of Massachusetts, United States (USA), after allegedly fleeing from the police and forcing them to cut a major highway to negotiate their surrender.

The individuals, according to local media, claim to be members of an organization called Rise of the Moors (Rise of the Moors, in Spanish) and, according to the authorities, they would not recognize US laws.

According to the police, the incident began at dawn, when an agent approached two vehicles that were refueling using fuel canisters on the side of the road and saw that their occupants were armed with rifles and pistols.

The police officer, according to the official account, asked for their driver’s licenses and weapons, which they did not deliver, and then fled to a nearby forest while the agent called for reinforcements.

Although they did not make any kind of threat, the local police quickly asked the residents of the area to remain in their homes and said in a statement that the group should be considered “armed and dangerous.”


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