At 108, Phil Corio is undoubtedly one of the oldest people in New Mexico and the United States.

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But now, the Los Ranchos resident has gained new fame: He could be the oldest person in the world to have recovered from COVID-19.

Phil’s son, Ron Corio, 58, assured that he and his father fell ill with the new coronavirus in March, although they did not find out that they were until later, since both were recovered.

Phil said he remembers getting sick and going to the hospital, but that it was “almost the same” as having the flu.

“I’m fine,” Phil said in a video interview with the Albuquerque Journal on Tuesday. “I didn’t even know I got it … I think if I had known I would have been scared.”

COVID-19 It is not the first pandemic that Phil has faced. He was six years old when the 1918 pandemic broke out, although they have no personal memories of the disease that claimed the lives of millions of people.

In early March, when the coronavirus apparently it had not yet reached New Mexico, her son Ron became ill.

It started with a sore throat and developed into a severe cough and breathing difficulties. He thought it was the flu, given that the health authorities of New Mexico they had not yet recorded a single case of COVID-19.

About a week later, his father started to show the same symptoms, and suffered from vomiting. On March 13, Phil passed out in the bathroom of Ron’s home in Los Ranchos.

Phil was hospitalized with pneumonia and was treated with antibiotics.

A couple of weeks ago, Ron had a test to detect antibodies from coronavirus at the Southwest Labs in Albuquerque. It came back positive, so he had his father and two caregivers tested. The caregivers tested negative, but Phil’s result was “undetermined.”

“I checked with our doctor, and he diagnosed it as positive because he was very close on the scale and had developed pneumonia, and I had already tested positive,” said Ron.

Although there is no way to know for sure, Phil might be the oldest person recovering from COVID-19 in the world. In April, the New York Post published the story of Cornelia Ras, 107, who recovered from the disease in the Netherlands. And ABC News reported the story of Connie Titchen, a 106-year-old Brit who also beat the disease.

This week Phil is more tired than normal and is still recovering.

Ron, for his part, feels that he has returned to normal, but says it was a terrible experience.

“It was the worst flu I’ve ever had,” said Ron. “One day I walked to the mailbox when I was sick and on the way back I started coughing and I was short of breath. I almost fainted”.