Ada Zanusso has been through times like World War I, the 1918 flu pandemic outbreak, and World War II

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Ada ZanussoItalian woman from 104 years, has recovered from COVID-19, which makes it the longest-lived person in the world to overcome the disease that mainly affects the older population.

Zanusso’s story has caught the attention of the world. Born in Veneto in 1916, she has been through the most difficult times in the world in the last century, such as the First World War, the outbreak of the 1918 influenza pandemic and the Second World War.

Zanusso, who moved to Buella in 1947, began to feel bad about COVID-19 in early March. Maria Grazia lived in the home of the elderly, one of the centers affected in recent weeks by more than 20 deaths from COVID-19Corriere Torino reported.

Last week, the case of a man in Oregon, United States, who served 104 years in the first days of April, after having recovered from COVID-19.

Bill Lapschies, the surviving older adult, was also born in 1916 and is a World War II veteran. He was confined by the army during the conflict and destined for the Aleutian Islands.

As in the case of Zanusso, his relatives highlight the strength of Lapschies and his optimistic personality. Bill is also one of the longest-lived people on the planet to survive the pandemic, whose mortality is highest in older adults.