100,000 images of the sun were needed to make this photograph

04/07/2021 at 11:09 CEST

Antonio Vallejo Taslimi

The images taken by satellites and telescopes give us a fairly clear idea of ​​the appearance and characteristics of the stars that surround our planet. Space photography is an art available to everyone thanks to the work of the main space research agencies and other organizations. However, there are those who have their own ways to share impressive images of this style. Andrew McCarthy is one of them, and has recently published an impressive image of the Sun in high resolution.

For the creation of this image, McCarthy has used a total of 100,000 images of the Sun, allowing to see in great detail the surface of this star. Photography features 230 megapixel resolution, and if we go to this post on Reddit, we will be able to see this recreation in a better way. However, to see the image in its maximum splendor, we must stop by Andrew McCarthy’s Patreon. For the creation of this image, the author had to reduce the brightness of the images, in addition to having a special telescope with which to take photographs in great detail.

As we have mentioned, the photograph consists of 100,000 images. This means that it is a mosaic in which thousands of images of each part have been superimposed to achieve a much higher resolution. Works like these allow us to appreciate the stars in great detail.