Around the world, more than 400,000 people have died as a consequence of the new coronavirus that triggers COVID-19. In the country with the most deaths, both absolute and population-related, the United States, statistics reveal that more than 100,000 people have asked for life.

The enormous dimension of this tragedy can challenge our understanding, make us simply remain a number.

The 100,000 Faces project seeks to put an AI-generated face on the thousands of victims of COVID-19 so that they are not just a difficult number to understand

That is just what the website created by the American developer Matt Korostoff, 100,000 Faces, tries to avoid. putting a face to the thousands and thousands of victims that this health crisis has been carried forward.

The nonexistent faces that face the tragedy caused by the pandemic

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“Seeing the death toll rise every day, we eventually fall asleep to it. Even if we intellectually understand that each of those numbers represents a real person, it is almost impossible to fully understand the number of COVID human victims- 19 “, explains Korostoff.

In fact, this software professional reflects, it would even be difficult to see a monument that names the dead in their entirety, such as those created after the Vietnam war and 9/11. “Many have died alone in their homes, without having been examined. Government death records provide incomplete data and the results of laboratory tests are correctly anonymous to the public.”

“It is almost impossible to fully understand the number of human victims of COVID-19”

A window to the world: this website shows you the views of other people across the planet

“How can we mourn the death of people whose faces we will never see and whose names we will never learn? How can we understand the magnitude of it?” He asks. And his response has been this website, 100,000 Faces.

A simple page, with a white background, that as the user scrolls through it, it automatically displays generator faces by computer counting them one by one. In addition, its automatic generation has taken into account the age, race and gender of the deceased in the United States, so that the representation of the more than 100,000 victims is even more accurate.

The photos used to generate all the faces that the site shows have been obtained from, a repository with photos completely generated by artificial intelligence, and as the creator explains, some of them were digitally aged using FaceApp.


100,000 faces, the awareness project that puts a face (generated by AI) to the thousands of victims of COVID-19