It seems that ‘Blogger’ is reacting slowly, but something is going back to its normal logic. Anyway, we will continue here for now. I return for the second time this month to the ‘Stoner Waves’ but there is very good material out there that must be covered by RTBM to the delight of all those who put the most ‘arid’ section of this house on you.

The band that visits us today, the prestigious Greeks 1000 Moods, come with their fourth LP under their arm titled Youth Of Dissent (2020), although before giving more details of the excellent album that has been taken from the sleeve it is of law to remember that They were formed in the town of Chiliomodi in 2005 and have three initial EP’s and four albums (including the one that I will speak to you today) that are a true benchmark in the Stoner of the XXI. Greece has been providing us the best ‘desert’ for a few years with the help of crucial bands such as Planet Of Zeus, Nightstalker, Puta Volcano, Deaf Radio or the band in question. It’s sooo hot in Greece …

Be careful with the ‘Pearls’ because they are more dangerous than they seem …

I really wanted this band and I still can’t explain why they hadn’t premiered around here yet. Very strange things about fucking fate. The fact is that with this Youth Of Dissent (2020) they have completely caught me, the tangle of sound they perpetrate is so clearly indebted to the 90’s that they seem to have come from that wonderful (and last) decade with Rock’N’Roll still reigning in lists. If you have never heard the music of Dani G. (vocals, bass), Gianis S. (guitar), Giorgos T. (guitar) and Labros G (drums) you will realize that not only Kyuss and the Truckfighters are in their recipe, you will also check the weight of bands as, a priori, disparate as Nirvana and Deftones or how, at certain times, they show their adoration for the alternative rock of Foo Fighters. Can you mix the rougher stoner with the painful fury of Kurt Cobain ?, there you have “Blister” and “Warped”. In short, it is not a matter of relating one theme or another with the referents that influence them, here it is more important to talk about the intensity of all the work, from the initial «Lucid», to the instrumental Space Rock of «21st Space Century ”, the edges of“ Pearl ”, the Foo Fighters / Deftones hybrid of“ Less Is More ”or the tremendous ‘grand finale’ with the seven-minute arid orgasm of“ Mirrors ”. Supine sad, you have no other …

Youth of Dissent by 1000mods



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