100% Wolf – Animated Film Review

Through animation, ways have always been found to address deep questions and themes in ways that can be digested by young and old alike. The film 100 per cent Lobo tries to join this trend of works designed for the whole family that aim to offer some kind of learning and, Although it has genuinely inspired moments, they are not enough to prevent us from realizing that we have already been faced with similar proposals on previous occasions.

100 percent Wolf (2020).

It is already very common to find ourselves as spectators before the journey of some misfit adolescent who seeks to be accepted by both his family and the people around him. Such narrative structure has been so explored that it can be tedious to venture into a proposal that, at first glance, seems to be more of the same, but the truth is that there is an element that works in its favor and that makes it stand out among a whole sea of adventures whose main market is the little ones: their effort to innovate and be original.

In the movie 100 Percent Wolf, we are introduced to a few days in the life of Freddy Lupine, a young wolf who, after spending years as a human, is finally awaiting his full transition to lycanthropy. However, when his conversion does not end as he expected, he must undertake a journey in which he will face the obstacles of his evil uncle, who was always jealous of his brother, leader of the pack and father of Freddy. On his way, the boy will establish an unlikely friendship with a cunning companion who will make him see that physical differences are not an impediment to finding our way in life and creating lasting bonds with others.

Certainly, the project at times feels like a pastiche between The Lion King and Bolt: an extraordinary dog, but, although the Disney stamp is present, that does not mean that the footage is doomed to eternal comparisons. In fact, It can be said that the family dynamic that occurs between a lot of werewolves had never been explored on screen – in a comedy way. The jokes that emerge from this situation are enough to get us more laughs than most of the generic cartoons that are released constantly.

100 Percent Lobo explores lycanthropy with humor.

It probably won’t be awarded everywhere, but the movie 100 Percent Lobo is Sunday entertainment for young and old alike. it has a good idea base, acceptable animation and great messages of inclusion and trust. One half is full of clichés, but the other half fights to win over the respectable with a story made with passion. And that is appreciated, especially in a highly commercial industry.

Original title: 100% Wolf

Year: 2020

Director: Alexs Stadermann (Maya the Bee)

Voices in English: Samara Weaving, Jai Courtney

Release date:November 19, 2020 (US)

100% Wolf animated movie movie reviews

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